Our Mission

Quality sleep on the road should not be a luxury, but a necessity. At Road Star Beds, we believe that everyone deserves to have a good night of sleep even while traveling. That is why we came up with our unique products specially designed for RVs.

Frequently Asked


What functions does this base have?


Is this an all metal frame?

Yes, these adjustable bases are made from high strength welded carbon steel.


How does this install?


Will this base fold to allow my RV room slide to close for traveling?

Yes, we have a patent-pending design that allows the base to fold and lock into place for storage and travel


Will this work for our RV queen and King mattresses?

Yes, these bases were specially designed for the RV Queen and RV King mattresses.


Does this frame require additional support in my RV’s mattress platform?

Yes, please refer to QSG.


Does this come in more than one color?

Currently the bases are offered only in Canyon Gray fabrics.