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Travel in comfort,
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Travel in comfort, sleep like home.

Class A RVs

Universal Series mattresses are designed to fit the unique dimensions and space constraints of an recreational vehicle. They are shorter and narrower than traditional mattresses, and they are from materials that are more durable.

Class C RVs

Premium Series are high-quality mattresses for an RV that are made with durable, long-lasting materials and are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.


Adjustable beds for RVs are specialized beds that can be adjusted to different positions, providing a more customizable sleeping experience.


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RV mattresses are specialized types of mattresses that are designed to fit the unique dimensions and space constraints of recreational vehicles.
Our mission is to provide
comfortable and high-quality
bedding solutions for the
mobile lifestyle.

asked questions

Does this come in more than one color?

Currently the bases are offered only in Canyon Gray fabrics.

Does this frame require additional support in my RV’s mattress platform?

Yes, please refer to QSG.

How does this install?
Is this an all metal frame?

Yes, these adjustable bases are made from high strength welded carbon steel.

What functions does this base have?
Will this base fold to allow my RV room slide to close for traveling?

Yes, we have a patent-pending design that allows the base to fold and lock into place for storage and travel

Will this work for our RV queen and King mattresses?

Yes, these bases were specially designed for the RV Queen and RV King mattresses.

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